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           Below are some of the patents we have obtained for our clients from all over the world.     The list is ever-growing, and is never up to date because we're getting patents all the time.  Feel free to call or write for more information.

To view more patents we have done, go to this link:   http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/search-adv.htm   and in the white box search field put this string of characters:     " lrep/whewell" and hit the "search" button.


Patent Number          Title

6,630,430    Fuel and oil detergents

6,621,008    Insulative support wedge

6,608,041    Analgesics combined with naturally-occurring chondroprotective agents

6,605,605    Estrogenic substances combined with cruciferous indole compounds

6,593,495    Anhydride stabilization

6,588,168    Construction blocks and structures therefrom

6,586,164    Alternative photoresist stripping solutions

6,564,394    Headwear useful as animal shelter

6,562,776    Solid alkylbenzene sulfonates and cleaning compositions having enhanced water hardness tolerance

6,560,642    Method of establishing an internet protocol network utilizing IP gateway

6,539,946    Alternating pressure method for cellulite reduction

6,495,722    Mannich polyols for rigid spray foams

6,481,021    Cooling headwear

6,475,708    Alternative photoresist stripping solutions

6,461,068    Correction tape equipped writing instruments

6,458,860    Advances in urethane foam catalysis

6,451,164     Alkyleneamine composition for enhancing lime mud dewatering

6,436,883    Hydraulic and gear lubricants

6,420,311    Polyether diamine--based surfactant adjuvants and compositions thereof

6,417,135    Advances in dehydrogenation catalysis

6,398,720    Penile size enhancement device and method

6,383,143    Respiratory monitor

6,360,619    Aviation fuel sampling safety valve assemblies

6,355,900    Nut position sensing weld point

6,340,559    Semiconductor developing agent

6,275,340    Anesthetic alleviation by sensory stimulation

6,258,866    Blowing agent compatabilization

6,253,976    Rotatable toolbox system useful on motorized vehicles

6,245,240    Treatment of a solution containing iron salts

6,237,583    Baseball pitching device

6,234,224    Aircraft fueling nozzle

6,194,007    Rodent Control

6,148,559    Fruit tree budding control method and apparatus

6,124,673    Universal Arc-Discharge Lamp Systems

6,112,784    Rail Buster

6,095,767    Independent Ceiling Fan

6,053,302   Object Singulating and Counting Device

6,045,486   Physical Therapy Apparatus

6,006,971   Truckbed Toolbox System

6,000,406   Process for Evaluating Effects of Chemicals on Fibers

5,996,288   Geodesic Domes and Improved Joints Therefor

5,988,383   Ladder Saddle

5,984,936   Impulsive Cutter and Process for Hair Graft Preparation

5,875,788   Fiber Bundles

5,758,371   Self-Propelled Independent Mechanical Handling Device

5,269,953   Synthetic Carbon Allotropes: Graphite Intercalated with Buckminsterfullerenes

5,258,048   Fuel Compositions Comprising Fullerenes

5,234,474   Fuel Compositions Comprising Fullerenes

5,156,721   Process for Extraction and Concentration of Rhodium

5,017,271   Method for Printed Circuitboard Patternmaking Using Selectively Etchable Metal Layers


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