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Invention Value Assessment Tools and Services


    You have an invention, you have filed for a patent.  Now, you would like to make some money, so what is the next step ?

Here are some possibilities:

1) Bootstrap the invention, by using your own funds to arrange manufacture, sales, distribution, packaging, advertising, and all other ancillary and essential tasks.

2) Locate investors to provide funding for the above tasks.

If you choose #1 above, then you are admirable and may succeed depending upon your talent and the talent you are able to attract or purchase to assist you,and of course, market conditions..  If you choose #2, then the investors will demand to be provided with some documentation showing a market study, market validation, and projected financial statements for sales from your invention.  Generating this documentation is performed by many providers in today's marketplace.  In my experience, I have had many clients come to me and describe how they spent $ 15,000 to $ 25,000 on invention marketing firms, and received little or nothing in return.  In an effort to help inventors, we have decided to offer market assessment reports.  Our approach in this regard is similar to how we approach obtaining patents for inventors, the process is modular.  This means that you pay as you go, and you can select from our smorgasbord of offerings and do this work in stages.

Stage I

Stage I is what we call a Quicklook Assessment Analysis.  The goal of the Quicklook Assessment Analysis is to get an early indication of commercial interest in an indea, invention, or area of research.  the primary benefits of the reports are the potential partners/licensees that can be found.  In cases where inventions are not well received by the commercial marketplace, the reports can give early warning signals that the proposed area of research or proposed patent may be a non-starter and further investigation is needed prior to funding either more research, work, or a patent submission.  This analysis can tell one whether they should even spend more time on pursuing the idea.  If there is no commercial interest of a level sufficient to turn a profit after all expenses are paid, then having this information can save the inventor or company significant monies, in addition to time.  Every inventor or company who does not have 20/20 future vision can benefit immensely from having a Quicklook Assessment Analysis performed on their proposed idea or invention, even those inventors who fall within class 1) above.

We can perform a Quicklook Assessment Analysis for most inventions for about $ 2800 or less.  The actual cost will depend on the invention's nature, which will determine how much work will be involved on our end.   Some Quicklook Assessments can be done for around $ 1500, for simpler inventions.   Once we know what the invention is, we can provide you with a written price commitment.

To see an example of a Quicklook Assessment, click on the dot below:

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Stage II

If your Quicklook Assessment Analysis is favorable, then you may wish to proceed with the filing of a patent application.  If you have already done this, then the Quicklook Assessment is still valuable, because we are able to formulate projected financial statements from it.  You will need these projected financial statements to show your potential investors how much money will be generated by your invention.   The financial statements show the net present value of the invention (NPV), as well as fundamental ratios such as return on investment (ROI), return on equity (ROE), break even point, cash flows, and most importantly, the assumptions upon which the numbers are based.  The investors will look at the numbers and the assumptions.  If the assumptions are reasonable in their minds, then you are likely to obtain financing.   Without these financial statements, all you can do is tell people you have a good idea.  They will almost always shake their heads and agree, but until you put things in numbers, with fundamental assumptions, there is no true way of quantitatively predicting the value of the invention.  A true investor will demand seeing a financial analysis, and if you don't provide it, then they would have to do it themselves.    Ask yourself how many people are motivated to undertake such a long exercise just to see if things work out ?   Imagine on the other hand that you obtain these financial projections from us, then you mail these out to would-be investors !   You can send the one report out to as many investors or venture capitalists as you like !

To see an example of our Financials analysis, click on the dot below:

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With a Quicklook Assessment Analysis and the Financial statements for your project in hand, you are in a much more powerful bargaining position than you are by merely telling someone about your idea.  Imagine the value of having these documents.  In many cases, the inventor can recover all of the money they have spent in making and patenting their invention, by receiving investment capital based on these documents.

Stage III

Once you know there is commercial demand for your product and you have the projected financial statements, according to our beliefs the next tool you will need is a marketing plan.  I'm in the process of getting a marketing plan posted here and am busy with other matters for the moment, so please email me for this, for now.

As you can see, our approach is modular.  An inventor or company can decide to obtain 1, 2, or all 3 of these valuable documents from us, depending on their own specific needs.   You may only need the financials and the marketing plan.  Or you may only need the financials.  To us, it makes more sense for you to have a choice in obtaining these, instead of paying an "invention marketing firm" $ 25,000 all at once for their "package".

These assessments and projections we offer are prepared by persons having at least a Master's Degree level of education, and who are also graduates of the University of Texas's  IC2 Institute i(www.ic2.org).  IC2 is world-renowned in knowledge and technology transfer and the commercialization of new technologies, and many consider it to be the leading institution for teachings in this area.

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